This is the first installment of a series I plan on writing about trying to live free in an unfree world. These articles will provide technology, products, best practices, and other information on how you can strive and hopefully achieve freedom.

We are living in an interesting time in human history. I believe that we are seeing technology break down traditional barriers. Technology is bringing humans together and pulling back the curtain of the state. I believe that eventually the nation state will fail or become obsolete.


What is freedom?

Freedom, in its absolute, is the ability to self govern, to own oneself and not be subject to external coercion. We can never be truly free in this world, as long as there are nation states and the like; but, we can strive to be free, relatively.

How does one become free in today’s society?

The first step is to have a free mindset. To understand that government is coercion, that they can take your money, land, throw you in a cage, and even kill you; but, they can never truly take away your free mind. As long as you can have free thoughts, you can be relatively free. But of course, that is not enough. We can try to be free in the absolute sense! Well, until the nation state system fails or just becomes obsolete, we have to make due with what we have and try to live the freest existence possible.

Now that you have the free mindset, you can decide to continue to be a part of this society or you can just shrug and go homestead some property and be self reliant. Most of us will choose to stay in society, as we believe in humanity and its potential, want to stay current and connected, and have family and friends. Technology is the great liberator and allows for us to stay one step ahead of government’s intrusions, censorship, social and economic engineering, and propaganda. It allows for us to stay super connected to the world, our family, and friends.

Just as technology is the great liberator, it is a double edge sword. The government will try to utilize it to further erode our privacy and to help its control of the populace. The key is to always be ahead of the state with new technologies, as it moves cumbersomely.

So what technology should I use?

In future installments of this series, I will be getting specific and providing information on the technologies that you should use. These are just a few of the large ones with a short overview of each.

Bitcoin. The state’s most important tool of control and ‘legitimacy’ is its currency. Using an alternate currency is what will truly affect change and eventually dry up the state. This is where Bitcoin comes in. Bitcoin is the revolutionary decentralized cryptocurrency, in which no state or entity can control. Bitcoin also fits into a larger movement, agorism and the counter economy, which removes government from the equation and just has consenting people exchanging voluntarily.

Encryption. We all know with the Edward Snowden leaks that pretty much all nation states around the world are working together to spy on our every movement and every interaction on the internet, our phones, our bank and credit accounts, etc. So you need to learn how to encrypt your information and communications to keep the prying eyes of government out, or at the very least make it difficult for them.

Firearms. Some people may not think this is technology, but it is one of the greatest technologies invented. Firearms are the great equalizer, allowing someone who is not physically supreme be equal. They allow for you to provide your own self defense and property defense. They also provide a great deterrent for despotic government.

I will continue this series with more in depth articles on the three major technologies above, as well as splinter off into other technologies, apps, and so on that allow you to live free(r) in an unfree world.